26 March 2007

Sirius B

Hello...Pictures are on their way, as promised...very soon.

In other news--regarding the band mentioned in the previous post-- We're called sirius.b (the brightest star in the night sky. Etymolgically, the word "sirius" comes from Greek, and means "burning" or "scorcher")

Anyway, we've finally begun to actually play together, practice songs on a regular basis, etc, and we've got two shows lined up in the near future. This is quite exciting.

You can check out the music at our MySpace page


25 March 2007

Coming Soon

Many photos and much news coming soon!

The band Sirius.B (Chris/Pancho, Xavi, Imhotep, Bruce and Laura) will be playing the following shows in the near future:

The Root Bar, March 31st, Opening for The Plowshares (David Earl, Imhotep, et. al.)

Bobo's Gallery, April 4th

Stay tuned.

13 March 2007

A Quick Rundown

Well here I am again, after a long time away. I've been busy, and I reckon that the occasional time away from the blog is probably a good thing anyway...Don't want to get too attached, you know?

Regardless, I am sure that as a bit more time passes, I'll be back in full force. My prediction is that this "force" will come in two waves:

1. When I quit the restaurant job and finally have time to do something besides work in Asheville.

2. When I leave Asheville and head for exciting lands.

As for a breakdown of what's been going on my life (sorry for the lack of even an attempt at some sort of narrative style here):

1. I did not get the Jefferson Fellowship at UVA. I am accepted to the University, and I have been promised funding. Unfortunately, however, I will not get the extra-special super funding that I hoped to receive.

2. In related news, the application process for PhDs has gone much worse than expected. I've pretty much been turned down at most places, which is disappointing. Still, I guess that I need to keep it all in perspective. Berkeley, for instance, had 350 applicants for 16 spots in the Dept. of Anthropology. Nonetheless, it is never nice to be rejected time and time again. Life goes on.

3. I've just got back from a trip to Key West. Ellen and I headed down last Sunday night, and returned Friday -- over 2000 miles in a little over five days. The weather was fantastic, Key West was beautiful (pics soon if I ever find the cable to connect the camera to my computer), if a bit crazy, and the drinks were cold. Unfortunately, Ellen got sick (crazy tonsil infection) and we spent some time in the local hospitals.

That's all from here for the moment. After so long away, I don't even know if anyone reads this anymore.

I'll try to redeem myself.