23 February 2010

Spivey mountain

Up on top of spivey mountain, above Asheville. A beautiful, easy hike right in town.

14 February 2010

Horatio Lives!

An order for a man who "really likes ugly stuff."

Beth's Bread

And a beet squid.

07 February 2010

Super Bowl

Work in Progress


This is a picture that I took of a satellite image of the Earth. This was the backdrop on the stage at last night's Help Haiti Heal benefit at the White Horse Black Mountain...

The earth, apparently, is actually a large sad clown.

04 February 2010


My friend, and the cellist of Sirius.B, doing a bit of matching.

03 February 2010

Getting Sirius

I (and the rest of Sirius.B, my band) am in the paper today! Read it below, or pick up a copy at any of the Mountain Xpress newsstands around town!

Getting Sirius

02 February 2010


This Friday @ 9:30 at Jack of the Wood:

With Special Guest, NEOH, on clarinet.