23 July 2009

Hava Nagila

Here's a video that my friend Jenn made of Sirius.B at one of our semi-recent Asheville shows.

Europe is great -- I'm staying at the moment in a beautiful apartment in Florence and I head in a few days for Paris.

06 July 2009

Headed Out

I head out for Europe tomorrow for a three and a half week trip, before returning to get married in early August. Hopefully I'll have time over in Europe to get some photos and tales of travels up here in this blog.

Here's a couple of photos in the meantime for y'all to enjoy. One is of a cucumber from my garden (which, along with my betrothed and my dog, I will miss dreadfully). The other is a picture of the prime position of Sal, the ceramic head (that I made) and its prime placement in the home of my old friends the Weinsteins.

Finally, before I head out -- If you're in Asheville or the surrounding area, make sure to stop by the Clingman Cafe and check out July's art show ("Summer Clay"), which features art by Beth Flanagan, Joey Sheehan, Joy Tanner, Will Baker, and me. Alternatively, if you see anything on the blog that you enjoy, contact me to make a purchase.