31 January 2010

DIY today

Yogurt cheese in the making...we found goat's milk yogurt on sale and bought all that they had (twelve containers, I think). Then we realized that it was all blueberry flavored...So, we're making blueberry cheese.
It should be interesting.

Moving Boxes

Had to help some friends move this morning...to my great amusement, I stumbled upon this box!

26 January 2010

Gems From Odyssey

Some beautiful gems from the kids room at the Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts.

24 January 2010

Dolphins In My Kitchen

Sound effects by my lovely and talented Beth. Upon being asked if she could remember when she learned how to make such nice dolphin noises, she told me that she began "exploring all animal noises at once." When I asked when, she replied, "I don't know, college?"

She is really, really good at sound effects and impersonations. Until you have seen my wife do an impression of you eating chips, you have not lived.

23 January 2010


A commissioned work in progress.

I can't believe that people pay me to make this stuff. Life is sometimes quite amazing.

21 January 2010

Sirius.B Show Poster

Below is a design that I worked up for a handbill for an upcoming show. The show is Friday, February 5th at Jack of the Wood, one of the most popular music venues/brew pubs in Asheville.

You can also find at us at the following places in the upcoming weeks:

Thursday, February 4th at the BeBe Theater with the new, up and coming Asheville Vaudeville Show.

Saturday, February 5th at the White Horse in Black Mountain, NC, playing at the Help Haiti Heal Benefit show.

We'll probably also be playing on the local radio/streaming video show Local Edge on Friday, February 5th, from 3:37 PM (quite exact) until 4 PM. This is still tentative.

Great New Business Cards

More New Work

Some small bottles and vases that I have been working on...All are thirty-five dollars.

1 (1/2)

1 (2/2)



4 (1/2)

4 (2/2)

5 (1/2)

5 (2/2)

6 (1/2)

6 (2/2)

16 January 2010

New work

Not yet fired....but soon, Vases!

14 January 2010

Beth's Newest Loaf

My wife's most recent and most beautiful loaf of bread, baked for a potlach tonight.

To see my most recent, somewhat heavier work, scroll down.

13 January 2010

Who says this?

New Work For Sale

I've got some new work for sale, which I'll have up soon (little by little) on ETSY (an website that features handmade crafts, vintage clothing, etc) at www.bondpottery.etsy.com. For now, it's all for sale through this blog -- Just drop me an email and I'll ship it right out to you.

There's more work coming soon! Enjoy, and tell your friends!

(Each work is generally shown with two shots, except for the large vase and the last cup, which are shown with three images each)

Unicycle Clown Skeleton 1/2 $35

Unicycle Clown Skeleton 2/2

Large Skeleton Vase Family 1/3 $50

Large Skeleton Vase Family 2/3

Large Skeleton Vase Family 3/3

Robot Love Bottle 1/2 $35

Robot Love Bottle 2/2

Skeleton Couple Tumbler 1/2 $35

Skeleton Couple Tumbler 2/2

A Pirate and His Ship 1 1/2 $35

A Pirate and His Ship 1 2/2

Pirate with Skull and Bones 1/2 $37

Pirate with Skull and Bones 2/2

Horned and Sunny Skeletons 1/2 $35

Horned and Sunny Skeletons 2/2

SOLD!! A Pirate and His Ship 2 1/2 $35

SOLD!! A Pirate and His Ship 2 2/2

Horned and Hairy Skeletons 1/2 $35

Horned and Hairy Skeletons 2/2

Crazy Haired and Horned Skeletons 1/2 $35

Crazy Haired and Horned Skeletons 2/2

SOLD!! Crazy Hat Skeletons 1/2 $35

SOLD!! Crazy Hat Skeletons 2/2

Crazy Haired Asheville Skeleton 1/2 $35

Crazy Haired Asheville Skeleton 2/2

SOLD!! Skeleton Clown 2 With Unicycle 1/2 $35

SOLD!! Skeleton Clown 2 With Unicycle 2/2

Pirate and Skull 1/2 $37

Pirate and Skull 2/2

Three Long Faces Tumbler 1/3 $35

Three Long Faces Tumbler 2/3

Three Long Faces Tumbler 3/3