31 August 2010

Gallery Show


Friday Night from 5-8 PM at the Clingman Cafe in the River Arts District (Asheville). Live Music and Food.

Come join us as we celebrate the opening of "Collaborations and Deviations"

Work by 6 Artists on Display during the month of September.

30 August 2010

So Much Going On

Life is busy here, though quite wonderful and all very exciting. In addition to work as a teacher, I am also starting to work for a friend in the company that he works for (a Spanish guitar company). Beth and I have set up our studio in the basement and we are busy, pounding away at new pottery and working as often as possible down there....though Beth is there much more than I am.

Brother PJ, who has been living with us for three months, leaves town on Saturday, and we will miss him greatly, so I am also working to squeeze in last minutes of time with him, eating, drinking, and hopefully finishing the tattoos that we started some months ago. Pics of that soon, I hope.

He will be heading out on tour, once again a gypsy with no home. Please check him out at www.myspace.com/pjbondmusic as well as over at his blog at www.yearofathousandroommates.com --

PJ's music is amazing and his performance is thrilling. You should definitely see hime play. He will be stopping through the following places on this upcoming tour:

Sep 4 2010 7:00P Club Relevant w/ Koji Virginia Beach, VA
Sep 5 2010 7:00P house show w/ Koji wilmington, DE
Sep 6 2010 7:00P The Fire w/ Koji Philadelphia, Pennsylvan
Sep 7 2010 9:00P Mill HIll Saloon w/ Koji Trenton, New Jersey
Sep 8 2010 7:00P Party Expo w/ Koji Brooklyn, NY 11206-5918, New York
Sep 9 2010 7:00P the rail w/ Koji oneanta, ny
Sep 10 2010 7:00P university of scranton w/ Koji scranton, pa
Sep 11 2010 7:00p george mason university w/ Koji manassas, va
Sep 12 2010 7:00P American University w/ Koji Washington, DC, DC
Sep 13 2010 7:00P Liberty University w/ Koji Lynchburg, VA
Sep 14 2010 7:00P The Green Bean w/ Koji Greensboro, North Caro
Sep 16 2010 7:00P Jack Rabbit’s w/ Koji Jacksonville, Florida
Sep 17 2010 7:00P house show w/ Koji orlando, fl
Sep 18 2010 7:00P New World Brewery w/ Koji Tampa/Ybor City, Florida
Sep 20 2010 7:00P house show w/ Koji Gainesville, Florida
Sep 21 2010 7:00P The Golden Bough w/ Koji Macon, Georgia
Sep 22 2010 7:00P Humankind Thrift Store w/ Koji Nashville, TN
Sep 24 2010 7:00P The Mayne Stage Theatre w/ Koji Chicago, Illinois
Sep 25 2010 7:00P house show * NO KOJI grand rapids, mi
Sep 26 2010 7:00P Howell Opera House w/ Koji Howell, MI
Sep 27 2010 7:00P It's A Kling Thing w/ Koji Akron, Ohio
Sep 29 2010 7:00P house show w/ Koji pittsburgh, pa
Sep 30 2010 7:00P Avenue 209 Coffee House w/ Koji Lock Haven, PA

Musically, I have been busy as well. We (Sirius.B) played a show on Saturday at the White Horse, a venue in Black Mountain, NC. On this upcoming Sunday, we will be playing at LAAFF (The Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival)...Probably at 3 PM (maybe a bit later) at the BoBo Stage. I will also be playing in the Songwriter Series at 6 PM.

Finally, artistically -- Beth and I, along with four other artists, will have a show up at the Clingman Cafe in the River Arts District during the month of September. There will be an opening reception this Friday from 5-8 PM at the Cafe. Please come and say hello and check out the great art that we'll have there.

19 August 2010


An upcoming art show with Beth (my wife) and four other artists! Come on out if you're local, come visit even if you're not.

We'll be celebrating with an opening on September 3rd between 5 and 8 pm.

09 August 2010

Bedbug sex

Something I learned today:

"Because the female bedbug has no genital opening, the male inseminates her by using his hardened, sharpened genitalia to punch a hole through her abdomen. With no elaborate courtship ritual, males in a frenzied pursuit of sexual congress often blunder into and puncture the bodies of other males, occasionally inflicting fatal wounds."

04 August 2010

Back in NC

I am most definitely back in NC. I just heard someone say the word "tin".

As in seven, eight, nine, tin.

03 August 2010

Still in Paris

Well, tonight I am stuck in Paris, having been beaten by the insanity that is Charles de Gaulle airport. Unfortunately, we are stuck far outside the city in an airport hotel, so there is little silver lining. Still, tomorrow I will be home.

02 August 2010


Only two days until I am back in Asheville!

Last night we ate a fancy meal at les Philosophes, a restaurant in the Marais, a neighborhood in Paris. It was fabulous, though at this point I am looking forward to fresh veggies and pure healthy eating at home. Soon enough.

01 August 2010


Today, for the fifth time in my life, I returned to Versailles, the royal palace of Louis xiv, xv, and xvi. As usual, it was quite a treat, though this year I chose to spend all my time in the gardens and give the palace itself a pass. Luckily, the fountains were on in the gardens, something which only happens on weekends and which I don't believe I had ever seen.

Last night, I ate with the students at Le Refuge des Fondues, in Montmartre, for the fourth time. It was nice to see my graffiti from years past among all the other memories, and to add some as well (this is the type of place that encourages such things).

Tonight we dine at Les Philosophes, an amazing restaurant here in Paris, and one of my favorites.