28 June 2010

Toe Opera

This is, indeed, quite bizarre.

YouTube Video

26 June 2010

Beach across Lines


I'm hanging out in Salisbury, MA, right on the beach, and right on the NH border. Very beautiful.

Today I headed out for a five mile unicycle ride, and my ass and nether regions thanked me for purchasing a pair of bike shorts.

That's all for now. Some pictures and a video to enjoy below.

YouTube Video

24 June 2010

North, then out

I am up North at the moment, in Mass, for couple of weddings punctuated by a trip further north to Acadia National Park and followed by a trip to NYC.

I will be trying to update regularly and share stories and photos with all.

On July the 9th, I leave the country for my annually scheduled jaunt to Europe. It is work, but damn fine work. I will be in Athens, Rome, Florence, and Paris.

More soon.

Dog Hair Mustache

21 June 2010


The amazing "one touch can"

20 June 2010


Our first batch of (purple) potatoes!

15 June 2010

PJ at Work

Brother PJ hooking up the kitchen tattoos....and doing a damn fine job.

07 June 2010

05 June 2010

White Horse

My brother, PJ Bond, ripping it up at the White Horse.

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01 June 2010


This Friday night at the White Horse in Black Mountain, NC: Sirius.B, with PJ BOND OPENING! Info below, in the form of a press release.

Also, check out this great review of Monkey Robot Soldier (our newest album) from Bold Life Magazine! -- REVIEW HERE.

When: Friday 6/4 @ 8pm
Cost: $7

Absurdist Gypsy Folk Funk Punk."You Cannot keep from Dancing."

Their "impressively irreverent, combustible, three-ring circus of sound" (as described by the Mountain Xpress) is formed using an ancient recipe of gypsy melodies, Andean folk instrumentation, and Uzbekistani dance rhythms blended with a solid base created from some elements of American rock.

Shortly after its conception in December of 2006 by Xavier Ferdon, Pancho Romero Bond, and Imhotep; the band achieved a large fan base and has generated a significant buzz in the greater Asheville area. They tour regionally to venues in Atlanta and Athens, GA; Columbia and Charleston, SC; and Knoxville and Johnson City, TN. They consistently sell out shows in advance, hosting ticket sales on their main website (www.siriusbmusic.com).

The excitement of a Sirius.B show has been compared by the press to what “one would imagine Athens, Georgia’s 40 Watt Club to have been like in the early days of REM”.

The members of Sirius.B are:

Pancho Romero Bond - Vocals, Guitar, Kazoo, Portuguese Thumb Harp
Xavier Ferdón – Flamenco Guitar, Charango, Vocals
Amy Lovinger - Violin
Imhotep - Percussion
Bryshen Brothwell - Accordion, Fretless Bass
Franklin Keel - Cello, Vocals

Sirius.B: The one and only Harlequin Slinky.

For more info: X@SiriusBMusic.com or 828-337-0290
Or whitehorseblackmountain@gmail.com or 828-669-0816