22 December 2013

Corruption in Spain

Sad and surreal news from Spain: Trials for corruption have reached such a point that judges there are asking for reinforcement, unable to handle the absurd number of cases reaching their desks and making demands on their powdery heads.  

12 December 2013

More Signing

The plot thickens on the fake sign language interpreter in South Africa.  Apparently, he's not only hilarious and offensive, he's also schizophrenic! And violent! And standing right next to a number of world leaders!

Read about it here

11 December 2013

Back in Business?

There have been false alarms before, so I won't head out into the streets just yet to declare the marvelous return of Pancho's Via.  With that said, I've been yearning for a return to this forum, since posting things on Facebook just doesn't feel the same as spending time crafting a blog post, short or long.  I'm thinking that this iteration of Pancho's Via will be something different than the past, for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways.

"How will it be different?" you ask.

1.  It might be less personal.  My life is really exciting these days.  I'm married, I've got two young children (2 and very new), I've got a job that I like and a ton of hobbies and things to keep me busy and my brain active.  Nonetheless, I'm not constantly running around the globe or doing crazy things, and some people might find stories about diaper changing less than exciting and more than disgusting.

2.  It might still be a little personal at times.  This isn't a difference, and shouldn't really have its own number, but I'm giving it one anyway.

3.  I'd like for it to be more "article-like."  I'd like to choose themes, news stories, etc. and write about them.

4.  I'd like to share more outside content.  This will be a clearinghouse of sorts for things that I run across whilst reading other things.

5.  It will occasionally (this is another non-difference) still have exciting (sort of personal) adventure narratives, for though I'm a father and a homeowner and a full-time job haver, I'm not some boring old feller and I've still got the wander lust in me.  Look for news from Nicaragua this spring and perhaps from Spain and points unknown this summer.

For now, today, I will leave you with a funny little piece that I picked up from Slate, but which I think a number of different news organizations have been reporting on.  Enjoy!

The Case of the Fake Interpreter