28 November 2008


I'm getting married to the young Miss Beth Flanagan!

COME CELEBRATE perhaps on New Years with Sirius.B AND Bootstraps Burlesque at the Rocket Club?

Check it out and buy tickets now at www.siriusbmusic.com

16 November 2008

Sirius.B in Atlanta

Hello All!

Sirius.B hits HotLanta next weekend (November 22). We'll be touring with Bootstraps Burlesque, with whom we've previously done a show (our record release in May) and with whom we'll be playing on New Years.

Please tell any friends, relatives, acquaintances that you have in Atlanta, as we'd love to pack this out-of-town show.


07 November 2008

Thank God

Obama is the president-elect. We can all take a collective deep breath and feel that maybe, perhaps, true change is on the way.

Imagine the alternative -- even the fashion would have been horrible. The following is taken from the NY Times:

PHOENIX – On Tuesday night, standing on stage as Senator John McCain conceded the election, Gov. Sarah Palin silently blinked away tears. Her husband, Todd, was stone-faced.

None of those tensions were visible by late Wednesday afternoon, when the Palins emerged from their villa at the Arizona Biltmore hotel to head to the airport in their last Secret Service motorcade.

“Hi, guys,” Ms. Palin said brightly, approaching a small group of reporters waiting outside.

With her infant son, Trig, resting on her hip, and dressed down in black sweatpants, high heels and a blue hooded sweatshirt that read “Alaska Grown,” Ms. Palin said it had been an “honor” and a “blessing” to be part of this “wonderful, wonderful campaign.”

05 November 2008

Glenn Beck

From Glenn Beck (conservative crazy right wing talk show host):