30 April 2008

A-Ville in the News

Check out this great cartoon strip in the NY Times about Asheville. Gordon Smith is a friend and neighbor, and the Tastee Diner is a place just down the street from me.

NY Times Article

28 April 2008


The readers have spoken and asked, nay, demanded that I stop being lame.

Which I will do. Tomorrow. Scout's honor.

I've been quite busy here in A-ville, setting up for our May 3rd Record Release show (CDs available for pre-order at www.siriusbmusic.com) and a whole bunch of other stuff.

But tomorrow I'll return.

11 April 2008


My absence continues, though I promise that it won't be forever. I've been quite busy with a bunch of new work -- tutoring (which I've been doing for some time now) and working for a local handy-man as an assistant of sorts.

I'm sore as hell (did you know that your hand muscles can get sore? I didn't until I dug holes for two days straight.) and sunburnt (I've got a red pate) and scratched and cut. Still, 'tis a good feeling to go home dog tired, hungry, and satisfied with a good days work.

03 April 2008

Hiding Out

Hey Y'all -

I've been hiding out lately, but I wanted to share this article about CRACK.