27 December 2010

Blizzard Photos

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New York is crazy! Thankfully we have good neighbors keeping an eye out for us back home, since we are currently quite stuck.

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26 December 2010


In the thick of a blizzard in NYC, post prandially attempting to help dumbasses that shouldn't be driving try move their cars so they can try and drive some more.

So lovely. There is nothing quite like a population thrown head over heels unto confusion.

25 December 2010

Xmas Hotel

We are now in jersey, having left behind the patrician hills of new England, where we celebrated a lively and lovely five days or so of Christmas.

Jersey seems more jersey than ever, amazingly. I feel sort of like I am in a movie, something like the anti-city slickers, in which a now semi-hayseed returns to the north. He finds that words no longer have endings, that hair is so large, that wearing sweatsuits in public is totally acceptable.

And then, our hotel, which my parents were kind enough to get for us...We had an amazing night last night, celebrating Christmas with the whole family, exchanging gifts, and drinking wine.

Here's the view from the back:

19 December 2010


Northwards and ever upwards for Christmas.

13 December 2010


The grand migration of the brand new, early Christmas, ice cream maker.

As these fearless makers of a chocolate stout ice cream (made with homemade chocolate coffee oatmeal stout) realized the amount of noise that an ice cream maker makes, the young machine was made to travel around the house.

Somehow it seems rather strange and decadent to make ice cream in one's bedroom, but that is just what we ended up doing.

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Making Mustard

Making mustard using a Porter that my brother and I brewed up.

Weirdo Carrots

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Yesterday, getting ready to make a big batch of kimchee (more on that later), I picked a bunch if carrots from the garden. Here is one of the bizarro carrots that I found.

Bread Aisle

During a snowstorm.

09 December 2010

Be with the Lord

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This is where I teach. To put it gently, I am often suffering from a serious case of culture shock.

Yes, that does say "coonhunting with God".

Vacation Approaches

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Coming to the end of the semester finally. Perhaps with this break will come the opportunity to do the following things:

1. Breathe
2. Relax
3. Unicycle (weather permitting)
4. Make pots
5. See my wife and other family
6. Tell you, dear reader, about some of the exciting things that I have been up to.

Regarding no. 6, such things might include discussing in detail the following activities that I have managed to fit in between working so many jobs:

1. Beer brewing
2. Mead making
3. Kim chee making
4. Motorcyling (off-road included!)
5. Unicycling on my new, much bigger (29" wheel) unicycle.
6. Attempting a winter garden structure.
7. Reading
8. Making and selling pottery.

So, here is to hoping that with this break and a spring semester of much easier schedule, there is time to tell of much of these exciting endeavors. Stay tuned.

06 December 2010

Fermentation Station

Kombucha, sourdough, and Kim chee atop the fridge. Beer and mead in the corner. It's a regular fermenting rodeo up in here.