23 September 2010


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Beth made me this gorgeous flask. I cannot imagine a more amazing gift. Ernest Hemingway is on the front, his signature is on the back.

Kind of twisted maybe to drink out of a flask with an alcoholic's face on it, but I love it.

I especially love her attention to details, particularly in regards to his wicked comb-over.

Oh, and she definitely takes commissions.

22 September 2010

One More Week of Show

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Only one more week to see our show at the Clingman Cafe (Collaborations and Deviations).

New work coming in tomorrow or the day after -- all very exciting, very new, very fun stuff.

If you haven't been there yet (or even if you have), get on down to the Clingman Cafe and check it out!

21 September 2010

Chile Peppers

From a New York Times Article:

"Or as Paul Bloom, a Yale psychologist, puts it, “Philosophers have often looked for the defining feature of humans — language, rationality, culture and so on. I’d stick with this: Man is the only animal that likes Tabasco sauce.”"


I was reading a blog by an Asheville artist the other day, and she quoted someone that her friend had overheard at the Big Crafty (a bi-annual "indie" craft sale here). Here's the quote:

"Mustaches are the new owl."

If you've ever been to an "indie" craft fair, this makes perfect sense, since mustaches (and owls) abound on much of the art. So do bizarre representations of strange real and non-existent animals. Also, if you've ever been into the basement studio that Beth and I share, this quote would seem even more wonderful, since down there, mustaches and owls abound gloriously. Come to think of it, so do strange animals (the SEXTAPUS, for example, an animal that I invented -- a 6-armed cephalapod that survives solely on....mustaches!).

Funny to ride a trend without even knowing that you're riding it. Not sure if that's good or bad, but certainly funny.

20 September 2010

Brother Brian and Communipaw

My brother Brian and his band, Communipaw, have just come out with a new album.

Available now at http://communipaw.bandcamp.com/.

Download of the album only costs $6, and is well worth every penny.

16 September 2010

A Favor for Me?

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Hello, dear readers!

I write to ask a favor. My band, Sirius.B, has our music up on ITunes. Sometimes we sell stuff, but mostly only when people go looking for us. Here's the thing: We have a song, "Bella Ciao," which is on both of our albums. It is a universally appreciated traditional tune, and there are 513 versions (!) of it on ITunes. We would really, really like to lead people to our music via this song, but we are currently really far down the list of 513 people.

But....if we sold some more "Bella Ciao," we'd be really much higher in the list, and therefore (theoretically) people would more easily stumble across our music and get to hear more of us.

And then we'll be rich and famous and share our champagne with our friends and neighbors.

So...Wanna do us a huge favor? Just buy a copy of Bella Ciao. Search on ITunes for Bella Ciao Sirius.B -- If you're going to buy one, choose the one from "Monkey Robot Soldier" -- it's the better version. Your $0.99 donation will go a long way towards filling your glass with champagne and putting a smile on (y)our face!

Thank you! Please spread the word!


15 September 2010

Update on Gogol Bordello

Interview cancelled!


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Exciting News! This Friday, Xavi and I, along with Alli Marshall of the Mountain Xpress (Asheville's Arts & Entertainment weekly), will be conducting a phone interview with members of the band, "Gogol Bordello." The whole thing will be recorded and eventually put up on the Mountain Xpress website (www.mountainxpress.com).

This is one of my favorite bands, and a band to whom my band, Sirius.B, is often compared, so the chance to speak with band members is really quite exciting. And a bit scary too.

Have any questions you'd like us to ask? Just drop me a line and I will sate your curiosity. You'll be helping me too.

13 September 2010


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The finished pretzels, which, amazingly, tasted like really good pretzels. Bagels are on deck.

11 September 2010

Making Food

The beginnings of a beef stew, pretzels, and some jalapeƱo-habanero mash with garden ingredients. More to come when the pretzels and stew are finished.

09 September 2010

Pictures from the Grocery

A man who is serious about his beer and a woman with a message to spread:

07 September 2010

Renegade Tattoos

My tattooing handiwork...

On display on a leg around Asheville.

02 September 2010


We have been out in the garden, planting away for the next season and harvesting what's already there.

Things are staying strong, and our life is delicious and very spicy these days. Below, basil, Thai peppers, jalapeƱos, weird Hungarian peppers, habaneros, two kinds of cherry tomatoes, and one green tomato feller.