29 December 2008

Hung Up

I've been rather busy, out on the road -- Not that this has changed my rather sporadic posting schedule in any way.....

I've got some great pictures to share, so I'll be putting those up soon. In the meantime, enjoy this singing by Internet Superstar, William Hung.

17 December 2008

New Year's Eve

Spread the word. Come join us.

14 December 2008

Pottery and the Like, Part II

UPDATE: Most of the pieces below are no longer for sale. Still available pieces include the darker bottles (bottom photos), as they will not be truly finished until today (corks need to be attached). Similar pieces are always available. Just drop me a line with a description of which type of piece you want and we'll get on it. (All painted type pieces can be done on tumblers, bowls, plates, etc.)

Some big news -- First, I've been awarded (I'm not sure if this is the right word or not, really) the position of Student Assistant at the Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts here in Asheville. This is the same studio where Beth is a resident assistant, in the River Arts District.

This means that I will now be nearly always taking a pottery class, and will have the opportunity to practice a great deal and learn tons. I will also have access to the studio, and therefore a place to fire my work, store pieces, throw pots, etc....

I'm obviously very excited.

Also very exciting is that Beth and I got all of our recent pieces out of the kiln. Our collaboration is now official and we have the pottery to prove it. And, dear friends, it is all for sale! I'm putting up pictures below. If you're interested in purchasing anything, let me know (email me or leave a comment) and we'll set up a way to pay (probably paypal) and a delivery method (me or the mail).

I'd also love to hear your reactions (good or bad) to the pieces -- Any feedback is welcome.

Cups and Bowls by Beth and Pancho, $30 each
(blue shirt bowl SOLD)

Bottles, Beth and Pancho, $35 each
(eyepatch guy SOLD)

Bottles, Beth and Pancho
(eyepatch guy SOLD)

Bottles, Beth and Pancho, $35
(eyepatch guy SOLD)

Bowl, Beth and Pancho, $30

Bowl, Beth and Pancho, $30

Mustache Mugs, Beth, $25

Painted Cups, Beth and Pancho, $28

Mustache Mug, Beth, $25

Sgrafitto Mugs, Beth and Pancho, $30

Bottles, Beth and Pancho, $35

Bottles, Beth and Pancho, $35

Bottles, Beth and Pancho, $35

Bottles, Beth and Pancho, $35

Bottles, Beth and Pancho, $35

Bottles, Beth and Pancho, $35

Bottles, Beth and Pancho, $35

07 December 2008


Here, as promised are some photographs for y'all to enjoy. I've included some recent photos of Beth and I, as well as some pictures of parts of our recent collaborations. We've attempted to focus in on the ring, though some photos were more successful than others.

We've been working together on a few different things -- the heads that you see below are part of a recent series of bottles and bottle tops that we're working on. More pictures to follow as things start to come out of the kilns.


05 December 2008

Pottery and the Like

I've been extremely busy these last weeks with some pottery projects that Beth and I have been working on. I"m looking forward to getting some pictures up as soon as everything is finished and ready to go.

We'll be unveiling everything at the Whimsical Art Sale in Brevard, NC on the 13th of December.

Oh, and for those that didn't know that I was involved in artistic endeavors, specifically pottery related, neither did I. This is a very new thing, yet it is a new love in my life. I'm learning quickly how to throw a pot on the wheel, and I've been working with Beth on the decoration of her pieces as well as some sculpture projects.

I"ll put pictures up soon.