19 December 2006

Musical Interludes in a Slow-Paced World

I've been playing a good deal of music down here in Asheville, a town that seems to welcome (with open arms) musicians of all shapes, sizes, abilities (thank goodness) and styles. Xavi and I are currently working on our newest project, an eclectic group named (for the moment) Black-eyed Norman and Trophoblaster.

(Note: Trophoblasts are the fetal cells responsible for an important mutation in the placenta which allows for the creation of a more effective network of blood vessels (and therefore better transfer of valuable nutrients to the fetus)).

Tonight, we will be experimenting with a possible new member of our band, a gent named Imotep (a New Orleans "refugee"). Imotep is an interesting character, and is convinced that he and I were both born on another planet, and that we are only here on Earth to "check things out". This makes us superior to everyone else.

If all goes well, we will soon be playing out more, regaling the Ashevillians with our particular and unique sound.

For a view through a cloudy window into the sort of thing that we've been doing, check out this (extremely rough--so please don't judge too harshly) recordings of some new tunes. One of them, Uncle Arnie, has been dedicated to the uncle of a good friend. The other, Bantam Hen, is my first true foray into absurdist songwriting.

Treat yourself, and enjoy.

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