07 December 2006

Yuppification and Vehicular Disasters

Slowly but surely, Asheville becomes yuppified. New boutique stores replace older stores and art galleries take over the streets. I have obviously seen very little of this change, having only been here a month, but word spreads quickly.

As I have mentioned before, Asheville was, until quite recently, a very economically depressed town. Only in 1977 did the town finish paying off its depression-era debts, and since then, a revival has been underway.

Today, this revival bit me in the ass. Someone bought the centrally-located, abandoned parking lot that I utilize every day here. For a town so small, there is frighteningly little free parking, and I considered this lot to be my sweet little gem...A wonderful, little known secret that has allowed me save all parking fees.

Since I was rushing to work today, I had no time to find good parking upon learning of the privatization of the parking lot. With a small amount of trepidation (but no too much), I parked in the US Postal Service lot, hoping that they wouldn't noticed. Unfortunately, they did notice, and I spent the entire morning's pay to rescue my vehicle from the scary lot to which it was brought.


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