30 November 2007

In the News

Hugo Chavez (the president of Venezuela) continues to show strange and erratic behavior, and as a referendum looms, the outcome seems rather tough to predict. The big question ahead is: Will we (the international onlookers) see the rise of a dictator, or the fall of another wannabe? Perhaps an even bigger question is: Will willfully ignorant leftists continue to support Chavez even after he has stripped away the last of civil rights from the Venezuelan people?

[Note: On the political spectrum, I fall rather far to the left, but draw a line when expected to support dictators. As I've tried to explain to many people over the years, just because you don't like Americans (or Bush, or American foreign policy, or whatever it may be), does not mean that the enemies of Americans are any better. Fidel Castro is a punk. So is Chavez.]

Here's a NY Times Article about Chavez and the upcoming elections:


Also interesting, though not surprising, is this article detailing the lies with which politicians feed the public. In this specific case, the liar is Rudy Giuliani.


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