07 December 2007

Balsawood Players

The Balsawood Players was a musical group that I started with Jason Weinstein in 2003. We played original and quirky songs, merging our lack of musical talent (I had barely begun to play guitar and sing, Jason had not sung since high school chorus) with my brother Brian's recording genius. The three of us, with the help of some other friends, recorded an album over the first few months of 2003, finally finishing "The Stench Filter" in April or so. Somehow, the mix worked, and the album was a huge success.

We played one official show, Balsapalooza, which I hosted in my parents' backyard. There was a lot of beer, a bbq, and many good friends. Later, we traveled to South America together and occasionally treated some locals to our tunes. This we considered to be our South American tour.

Some of our songs can still be heard today, and soon you'll be able to hear all of them. If you're a MySpacer, go check us out at www.myspace.com/balsawoodplayaz and become our friend. If you're not a MySpace-head, check us out anyway, and spread the word. The music has been called "viral" by a very learned man named Jeremy, and I'd like for him to be right. Let's spread the virus.

I'll let you all know when the rest of the album (another eight songs or so) is up online.

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