03 December 2007

The Trumpet Lady

Since I started playing with a band, I've been working on my kazoo skills, trying to turn what is generally considered a clownish instrument into something that truly adds to the music. The kazoo that I've been using recently is a great one from kazoos.com that's got a trumpet-like bell on the end. It's plastic, but it has a nice, even, very loud sound.

I've been searching, however, for an even better kazoo, and I'm amazed by the different kind of mirlitons (the name of the kazoo's musical family) that one can find out there. Some of these variations on the kazoo theme can cost $50 or more--quite a surprise when compared with the cheapest of kazoos, which cost literally pennies.

Even more amazing though, is what an internet search for kazoos and a "trumpet-like sound" can turn up. Like this lady for instance, in the video below. On YouTube, everyone seems to call her the "Trumpet Lady" -- Her real name is Denise Reis, she's Brazilian, and the sounds that emanate from her mouth are ridiculous. Check it out below.

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