04 January 2008

Comment Confusion

I received this comment from "Mark" on my last post. I'm not sure that I get it. Any ideas?

"you sound a bit zealous yourself.
with great skepticism i ask, would he be as/so menacing if here were to be zealous like his Jesus."

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  1. May I(indeed my name is Mark) comment on my comment, to clarify. What will follow will be a quote by quote analysis of my reading and response, perhaps I was reading too much into such a brief post, as i also replied briefly. Hope that you are doing well. Blessings, Mark.

    PRB:"I am so scared."
    Mark:analysis:hyperbole, certainly.
    The DPRK is a little more frightening if you want to be scared.
    : comment:none

    PRB:"This man might be funny,"
    Mark:analysis:I agree he is.It is nice to have someone in authority/leadership with a sense of humor.

    PRB:"and he might play the geetar real nice, "
    Mark:analysis:I have never heerd him play geetar but he probably plays better than me.

    PRB:" but he's still a bit of a an idiot"
    Mark:analysis: merely a loose slur, for surely, even though he cannot absorb, at such a staggeringly fast rate, multiple non-native spoken languages like Mr. Bond, surely he is not an idiot. He must have some capacity for intelligently dealing with people and their complex messes. Although, he does lack the breadth, depth, and precision of knowledge of international affairs of all the nations in the moment, their histories and possible futures, not excluding his own country. So let's make a standardized test for politicians that will measure their domestic and international aptitude.This way we can refer to them by impersonal numbers, make ourselves feels smarter, and avoid slurs.

    PRB:" and a religious zealot."
    :comment:"you sound a bit zealous yourself."
    :post-analyis: zealous in convicting someone of not being acceptable by PRB's undefined approval system, which is probably too complex and intuitive to layout on the blog. By zealot do you mean active,living according to the "grace" and "mercy" and transformative power of his Jesus.

    Remember that Huckabee's Jesus was a zealot as well, and was crucified, and he called for repentance and obedience to himself. Sound like a lunatic, on top of zealot, a chocolate iced Kripy Kreme donut with sprinkles on top.

    Does Huckabee play with snakes like the pentacostals, molest children like r.catholic priets, bomb abortion clinics?

    Perhaps our culture lacks men who can assert themselves and tolerate assertion, thus "men" run around screaming "zealot" and "idiot."

    PRB: "Please tell me that we've learned something over the last seven years."

    Mark:analysis:yes we have. bush, lied, lies, and will lie. presidents are initiators or idlers. sometimes they make bad decisions, and get faulted from all sides.
    :comment:"with great skepticism i ask, would he be as/so menacing if here were to be zealous like his Jesus."
    :explanation: skepticism that any politician would ever tell the truth, so how long until we see the dark side of Huckabee. Or, will we be faced with one of the minority that his Jesus spoke of when He said "wide it the path that leads to destruction and narrow that leads to life, few who find it"

    Also, is Jesus in the new testament scary, love-mercy-forgivness-healing? If someone were to follow(really follow:i.e. "Jesus words abiding in the follower, and the follower abiding in Jesus) him, would that person be scary?

    Perhaps fear of Huckabee is misdirected, perhaps he should be evaluated against the Jesus he proclaims. This works with Bush. He is a war monger hungry for oil.