27 February 2008


Update: Sorry the pictures below are so annoying "landscape" (in some cases). Hopefully I'll be able to fix this problem soon. In the meantime, turn your head to the side.

Xavi and Laura have been out of town in Peru recently, and I've been holding down the fort. I've spent my time taking care of the dogs, trying to keep the place clean, and creating strange and random works of art.

Some of my recent projects have included (pictures below):

1. A strange giraffe type animal. Unfortunately, the head was too heavy for it to work as planned (on a body), so it became a strange head atop a dowel.

2. An entire family (or army) of small black bottles with funny eyes. I plan to continue this piece, and eventually hope to make two entire armies of different colors.

3. A cast of my face. Note the blood--I had two short lengths of drinking straw in my nostrils to aid in respiration. I accidentally knocked them with my hand (my face was completely covered in plaster of paris). Once shoved back into my nasal cavity, they caused a great deal of bloodshed. I'll be back soon with pictures of the actual wound. In the meantime, enjoy the now brown blood on the mask itself.

4. A commissioned piece for a local bookstore/cafe. My friend David Earl built the sign in his metal shop and asked me to take care of the creation of the stencil and the painting of the whole sign.

More to come soon, as long as the manic energy and creativity hold strong.

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