19 February 2008


Fidel Castro, the socialist dictator of Cuba since 1959, has resigned from power in Cuba. After nearly fifty years of American anger and belligerence, silly Euro-lefty deification, state-sponsored torture and censorship, the bearded one has finally relinquished his hold on Cuba's collective short and curlies.

George Bush, in a statement apparently without irony, commented that “The United States will help the people of Cuba realize the blessings of liberty." Perhaps now the important work being done at Guantanamo Bay can spread to the rest of the island, just as democracy and peace have spread throughout the Middle East.

Unfortunately, it is Raul Castro to whom power falls, at least temporarily. Raul, the much less cool-looking brother of Fidel, was personally responsible for the summary executions of over 500 people in the days following the success of the Cuban Revolution.

What will happen now remains to be seen.

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