18 February 2008


Okay, so I know that Mitt Romney is old news, yesterday's leftovers and whatnot. Perhaps the video that I share below is old news as well to many of my readers. It is new to me, however, and just too good to keep all to myself, other readers of Frank Rich's column in the New York Times, and dedicated YouTube watchers.

Watch below as Mr. Romney, whitest of the white men, attempts to connect with young blacks through his arrhythmic and sad quoting of a once-popular rap song. I wonder, only half in jest, if he sings Sinatra tunes when hanging out with Italians, or "Feliz Navidad" when consorting with Latinos. My guess is that he doesn't.

While I do understand that candidates are so incredibly scrutinized that they must, without fail, stick their proverbial foot in their mouth on occasion, I'm still amazed by the ways in which they do so.


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