10 March 2008

Earth Day Asheville

Dear All,

I write this post to ask a favor of all my readers, intentional and accidental. Sirius.B, my band, has entered an Earth Day Music Contest, and we need your help to win it. See below for details. Please Vote!

Dear Friends of Sirius.B,

We have entered the Earth Day Asheville Band Competition and we need YOUR VOTE! If we win they’ll give us $1000 and we’ll play a show at the Orange Peel, an important local venue.

It only takes a moment. We’re in the Rock/Funk/Dance category in the link below:


Voting ends March 31 - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Also, we’ve updated the website. Among other things, you can now purchase CD’s and TShirts from our “Merch” page. --> Go to the website now if you like.

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