10 June 2008


As I've mentioned in a previous post, I've been spending a lot of time recently in my garden. I started this project a few months ago, planting incredibly small seeds in "peat pots" (small biodegradable pots filled with peat moss). Once the seeds had become seedlings, I eventually moved them into the carefully-planned garden plot and hoped that no late-season frosts would kill them.

In the last few weeks, my plants have taken off at an amazing rate. These pictures below were only taken three or four days ago, and yet I barely recognize this land as my own. The tomato plants are now nearly twice the size that they were in this photo, and my squash and zucchini plants have grown at a similarly exponential rate.

Thus far, I have planted:

Mustard Greens
Cucumber (will probably die)
Pole Beans
Japanese Eggplant
Cantaloupe (will probably die as well)
Chili Peppers
Swiss Chard

Below you can see a few pictures -- I'll be updating this soon with new photos. Unfortunately, much of my garden will truly flourish (I hope) during the time that I am away. I'll still enjoy most of it when I return home, of course, and I'm already enjoying certain parts of it (In particular the mustard and chard, which are producing delicious greens already).

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  1. I LOVE swiss chard. I buy it at the farmers market all the time and throw it into salads and sandwiches and sauteed with garlic and oil and omlettes and like...everything. haha. I wish I could do an outdoor garden here...deer and rabbits are such a problem that it would require intensive fencing and all that. But I have some herbs in pots and that.