26 August 2008

No Comment Necessary

The English Abroad (Sorry to the English. I didn't write it)


  1. wow...that was really disturbing. no words disturbing. especially about the woman giving birth. WHAT THE FUCK?? honestly.

    frat parties are starting to look like afternoon tea haha


    ps "alfresco oral sex contest"? concerning.

  2. PaulvNunan5:43 PM

    Hello Professor Bond,
    Thanks for the invitation to your place after the show on Saturday. I had a good time, unfortunately I think I've had my heart picked up by a bird-of-prey...

  3. Interestingly, when i lived in the the touristy section of South Florida, it was the Germans who were the weird unruly ones (but these were mostly at nature centers and outdoor tourism places) and i remember them being obnoxious and arrogant. Weird how perceptions are, eh?