06 August 2008

Paris Again

Well, I have been terrible, dear reader, in updating my blog whilst here in France. This has not been, however, a sign of any disrespect or lack of desire to keep you all informed on goings on here in France. It is, rather, a sign that I have been enjoying myself so much that I have had no time to sit in an internet cafe and look at a computer in the sweltering heat.

Beth and I have traveled up and down and all around in the little time that we have had here. We have spent time in Paris, in Lyon, in Marseilles, in Aix-en-Provence, and in the surrounding Proven├žal countryside. It has been beautiful. We have eaten our faces off and dropped more money on delicious wines and rich foods than I care to share.

Every single dime has been worth it. Except perhaps for the approximately two hundred dimes we spent on one meal of shrimp that Beth ordered and that turned out to be beautiful-looking and horrid tasting. But every other damn dime has been worth it.

We will be here in Paris for the next few days, and hopefully I will have a chance to post some photos (we have taken a lot) and share some images of this journey with all.

I return to the states on August 9 and will be heading down to NC a few days later.

More soon.


  1. Ned Nederling10:04 PM

    You can spend dimes over there in France?!?!?


  2. um, yeah, terrible reporting... you know you're allowed to post things about the trip later in more comfortable settings.