12 September 2008

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is pretty cool in this video.

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  1. As scary and nauseating as the possibility of President Palin is, in a funny way it has been Hollywood that has made such things 'possible' in the minds of more simple Americans. Damon says it himself that it's like a bad Disney movie. Soccer mom becomes president and is facing off with Putin and using 'soccer mom' tactics. Since that works as an admittedly stupid movie plot, the slower-witted among us just might think that'd be a good thing and it turn out just fine because it usually does in the movies. It's more than scary to thing that people have lost the idea that small decisions like voting can have huge (and disastrous) consequences in their near future.

    And by the way, keep up the political blogging - we have to fight the natural complacency that democrats seem to possess... remember when we thought nobody in his or her right mind would re-elect Dubya!?!