07 December 2008


Here, as promised are some photographs for y'all to enjoy. I've included some recent photos of Beth and I, as well as some pictures of parts of our recent collaborations. We've attempted to focus in on the ring, though some photos were more successful than others.

We've been working together on a few different things -- the heads that you see below are part of a recent series of bottles and bottle tops that we're working on. More pictures to follow as things start to come out of the kilns.



  1. pretty ring and pretty people!! you're so lucky to have so much to celebrate and look forward to! mazal-tov!

    haha and i like the heads...you have an interesting obsession with creating things that reflect a gross exaggeration of your own features. break this vow of silence before i turn 80, please...

    haha also i saw a video on youtube of a 3 year old boy saying "very nice how much?" and his dad laughing, and i figured pretty much thats how things will work between you and your future son, should you have one.

  2. Well done my dear friend! You look very happy! un beso!

  3. ahhh, you had said that you and Beth were gathering a future together, but this is the visual "he went to Jareds" proof!

    Big smiles hugs and kisses to both of you!

  4. Hey, it'd be fun to talk about photographing heads. Walk on over sometime or give a call (254-0484)