16 February 2009

A Gypsy, a Jew, and You!

So my new band (a side project, not a replacement project) has played a number of times recently. The band is made up of Lauren Baker and I. Lauren is primarily playing the accordion and singing, while I sing and play guitar. We call ourselves--temporarily--A Gypsy & A Jew.

The band was formed late one night, when, bellies filled with hummus and wine, Lauren and I began singing for all those at Beth's house that would listen. Everyone seemed to enjoy the music. Lauren (the Jew) came up with the name and we started working on a set list. Since then, we've opened up twice for Sirius.B and have played one show on our own at the recent artists' reception at Odyssey Studios (where I also had a piece in the gallery).

The show was a rousing success, and really energizing to me musically. Sirius.B is wonderful to play with, but there is also a part of me that thrives on a more organic, acoustic, vocally-driven music. It is also nice to be somewhat less-practiced, more raw perhaps (or certainly). We were able to ask members of the audience and our friends to come up and join us, which they did with great skill and musicality. Beth, Evan, and new friends Adam and Jacob all joined Lauren and me with their varied rhythm instruments (coolers, buckets, shakers). The crowd joined us with their stomping, hooting, and frenzied hollering. Noted artist and media darling Jonas Gerard even started up a circle dance during one of our tunes.

In all, it was a wonderful, fun, exciting show for us to play.

I have only one problem. I don't like the band name at all. At first, it seemed cute, and though I quickly tired of it, people seemed amused and intrigued. I'm now, however, quite sure that I don't like the name, and I don't feel good about being the gypsy (since I'm not a gypsy) of the group. Nor do I relish saying the "Jew" part all the time, for though the term is not at all offensive (or shouldn't be at least), I fear that some people might think it offensive somehow.

So, I'm working on a name change. Any ideas? A prize goes to whoever (if anyone) comes up with the name we end up choosing.

Hopefully we'll record some of our stuff soon, and as our setlist grows, we'll be able to play longer and more official shows. Until then, we rock a mean party, private or otherwise, and we're always available (unless we're not) for a chance to share and create music with everyone/anyone.

So be in touch, and stay tuned.

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