22 March 2009

Jenn's Pondering

Over at Sirius.B's website, there's a new reason to visit -- Jenn's Weekly Ponder. (Jenn is my housemate [for the next few days at least, until I move out]). Here's the first installment. Keep checking the Sirius.B website for regular updates:

~ Jenn's Weekly Ponder ~

Deciding what to do with your life is hard. It only is hard because we have the ability to decide. Geese only ever do the same things with their lives because that's all their geese brains will let them do. Maybe actually it is complicated to be a goose. It may be that I just don't understand them. Just how they look at us looking at them and they only ever see us doing that, they must think, 'what simple lives these humans have, nothing to do but watch me do my thing. They must have it so easy.'

Maybe they're right.

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