06 March 2009

Pisgah Brewery

Pisgah Brewery got me up on the website...and it looks nice....

Check it out: www.pisgahbrewing.com.


Also, I've got a new sculpture project underway (though I continue to move forward with new, exciting, and always bigger heads) -- CUTTLEFISH!

Check out this video below (I may have posted it some time ago) for some understanding of my recent obsession with cephalapods (which, I'm happy to report, Beth shares).

Also, before checking out the video -- I need to make a webpage for B.F. Pottery (previously Beth Flanagan, now Bond-Flanagan Pottery) -- I'm ready to do it on my own, as I've made websites before and know that I can do it. I'm thinking, however, that it might be a bit of a waste of my time to do so if there are other people out there that can do it better and faster. So, if anyone out there would like to trade some pottery (both of the Beth and Pancho persuasions) for some web design, please contact me and we'll work something out. Now, enjoy the video:

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