14 September 2009


Well, well, howdy to all y'all. This is a short note to turn you on to a few things. First, my pottery is now for sale on ETSY, which is nice for a few reasons.

#1 -- You can buy stuff with a credit card.
#2 -- I will be consistently updating the work
#3 -- It will be there all the time, giving you (and your friends) a place that you
can visit whenever you like for all your gifts for yourself and others.

Check it out at: www.bondpottery.etsy.com -- And spread the word, please!

Also, I've been meaning to mention this in this forum for a long time, but I haven't, for some reason -- My brother is currently traveling the world, playing music and meeting people as part of "The Year of a Thousand Roommates" -- It is fun to read about his adventures and travels. His music is also great. Check that out at yearofathousandroommates.com.

That's all for today!

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