30 September 2009

Roman Polanski is a F*#&er

I don't want to waste too much time with this, but why does anyone in their right mind stick up for Roman Polanski?

The man drugged and raped a thirteen year old girl and fled the country before he could be properly sentenced.

Sure, he's made some good films, but can someone (anyone?) please explain to me why that changes anything?

Woody Allen and Pedro Almodovar, among many others, have signed a petition demanding his immediate release from the Swiss prison where he is currently being helped. As they see it, "His arrest follows an American arrest warrant dating from 1978 against the filmmaker, in a case of morals" (my emphasis) ...

As if morals were so bad. As if morals are something silly and American. But in my mind, we're not talking about being prude or being overly squeamish about sex (which Americans, sure, are wont to do). We're talking about taking advantage of a young girl, drugging her (Quaaludes and booze) and then raping her...

Am I crazy?

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