19 October 2009

New Work

I've been working on a whole ton of pottery lately, and below I've posted some recent pieces. There are a whole bunch more in the kiln now too, so stay tuned...

As usual, these are all for sale...I'll be taking better photos and slowly posting them on my etsy site as well (www.bondpottery.etsy.com). I'm selling them them for $32 (shipping and handling is on me for my loyal blog readers within the United States). Allow me to tell you a bit about the process:

Each cup is hand thrown (the term used to describe what one does on the pottery wheel) with a clay called Dark Brown (a very apt name for a clay which is indeed Dark Brown). After throwing it, I allow it to set up a bit (basically get slightly hard) and then return it to the wheel, upside down, to "trim it". (Trimming a cup is essentially cleaning up the form and carving in the foot of the cup). I then paint the entire cup (still on the wheel) with a white slip (liquidy clay).

After the slip has dried somewhat and the cup has set up a bit more, I begin to carve away at the white slip, revealing the dark clay beneath. This is called "sgraffito", which is basically Italian for "scratching away".

After all this is done (about an hour per cup carving time), the cup is fired for the first time, at a relatively low temperature (approximately 1945 degrees). I then glaze the inside, leaving the outside raw to show off the beauty of the natural clay body. (I occasionally paint with an "underglaze" on small parts of the exterior). I then fire the piece again, this time at a somewhat higher temperature (in the ballpark of 2200 degrees).

And there she is....So below you'll see the result. If you'd like one, drop me an email at panchoromerobond@gmail.com and I'll be happy to ship it to you.

Ah, and a bit of background before viewing the images:

1. The cup entitled, "Business Up Front, Pancho in the Rear", is called (and labeled) as such based on a quote by my wife in reference to my various names and aliases. My names, my wife says, are like a mullett. This is not a reference to any sort of sexual act, I assure you.

2. A sextapus is a (mythical?) creature that lives in the deepest, coldest waters of the ocean. It survives on a diet made up primarily of mustaches, and has been known (on rare occasions) to don, for certain occasions, a fake mustache.

Asheville Sombrero (Front)

Asheville Sombrero (Back)

A Screaming Yawn (Front)

A Screaming Yawn (Back)

Standin' Around (Front)

Standin' Around (Back)

Attack of the Sextapus (Front)

Attack of the Sextapus (Back)

A Sad Ruffian (Front)

A Sad Ruffian (Back)/

Asheville Mustache / Delacroix (Front)


Asheville Mustache / Delacroix (Back)

Asheville Mustache / Delacroix (Back)

Business Up Front, Pancho in the Rear (Front)

Business Up Front, Pancho in the Rear (Back)

Urban Living (Front)

Urban Living (Back)

Crazy Asheville Lady (Front)

Crazy Asheville Lady (Back)

The Tentacular Sextapi of Business (Front)

The Tentacular Sextapi of Business (Back)

Red-Eyed Sextapus #1 (Front)

Red-Eyed Sextapus #1 (Back)

Red-Eyed Sextapus #2 (Front)

Red-Eyed Sextapus #2 (Back)

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