26 December 2009


Tonight we met up with Beth's grandmother and continued our culinary travels around Mass. We visited my favorite restaurant in the area, JP's, for a delicious lobster roll...

Lobster rolls, for the uninitiated, are hot dog buns filled with lobster salad. As of a year ago, I had never even heard of these delicious treats, but I have had the great luck to have been introduced to them at JP's, a place that appears to be at least regionally known for their lobster rolls.

The establishment itself is a funny place, dark and cavernous and filled with mostly old people. It stands just next door to an Indian grocery store in a strip mall in Westborough, MA. No natural light enters JP's, as instead of windows, JP's only has wood paneling.

Lack of natural light, however, does not seem to have affected negatively their cooking skills. Their lobster salad is light, simple, and delicious. They use little mayonnaise and little else in the way of flavoring, though I have been known to put quite a bit of hot sauce on mine.

It was, in short, delicious. I will be sure to visit again next visit, as always...

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