14 April 2010

Garden (beginning)

The beginnings of one of the five gardens we've got going at the moment.

We've got:

1. Small garden on side of house with flowers and perennial herbs (lavender, rosemary, lemon balm, etc.)

2. Front flower garden

3. Large side vegetable garden (pictured below)

4. Backyard garden -- peas, carrots, broccoli raab, (beans on the way)...All the stuff that the bastard groundhog won't let us grow on the side of the house. The plan is that Lupe the Dog will fend off any backyard advances, since she hangs back there (and can't hang on the side of the house). Fingers crossed.

5. Backyard garden -- flowers, some nice flowering bushes, some broccoli, and much more to come.

Stay tuned for shots as the garden grows!

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