22 May 2010


I just lost a post that took an hour to write, and I'm calm but annoyed.

So, skipping all of the anthropology and details, here is some very quick background, bulleted, that will give flesh to the photos below:

-we stayed a night on an island in Lake Titicaca with a family. It was interesting, but slightly awkward.

-on this island (amantani) 80% of people are Catholic and Pentecost, which is tomorrow, is a big deal.

-this morning as a lead up to Pentecost, all the village families were visited by young men and boys in BLACKFACE, tooting flutes, singing, acting dumb, and calling eachother by names that sounded oddly Polish. This visit is meant to provide good luck for the harvest next year.

-at the same time of this visit (around 5 am), the matriarch and patriarch of our house, whom we had never met, returned home, after being out all day and night partying. They were f&$@ing hammered.

That's all I can muster. More soon. Tomorrow we head back go Cuzco to search for oxygen in the air.

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