31 July 2010

Italy to France

Well, we have moved on to France, and it feels good. Paris is beautiful and not hot, and I love it just as much as I do every time I am here.

We have been busy, visiting cathedrals and museums and churches and restaurants. We have been biking all over the city,
Through gardens and intersections and across the river many times. We have nearly been arrested (no joke) and have heard the words, "you are going to jail" in French (vous alley en prison), but we got out of it.

(to make a very long story short, when trying to get into a place and past security, John and I explained that we both had knives with us. The cop inside told us to hide it outside or throw it away, so we hid them. Then when we tried to retrieve the knives, they had been taken...by some other cops who then gave us a hard time. Thank god for our friend Emily, who speaks great French and has a convincing manner).

Anyway, I am here and not shackled and life is good and in a few short days I will be home with my wife and friends and pets and garden, which is wonderful.

More photos soon. Here's a few random ones.

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