16 September 2010

A Favor for Me?

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Hello, dear readers!

I write to ask a favor. My band, Sirius.B, has our music up on ITunes. Sometimes we sell stuff, but mostly only when people go looking for us. Here's the thing: We have a song, "Bella Ciao," which is on both of our albums. It is a universally appreciated traditional tune, and there are 513 versions (!) of it on ITunes. We would really, really like to lead people to our music via this song, but we are currently really far down the list of 513 people.

But....if we sold some more "Bella Ciao," we'd be really much higher in the list, and therefore (theoretically) people would more easily stumble across our music and get to hear more of us.

And then we'll be rich and famous and share our champagne with our friends and neighbors.

So...Wanna do us a huge favor? Just buy a copy of Bella Ciao. Search on ITunes for Bella Ciao Sirius.B -- If you're going to buy one, choose the one from "Monkey Robot Soldier" -- it's the better version. Your $0.99 donation will go a long way towards filling your glass with champagne and putting a smile on (y)our face!

Thank you! Please spread the word!


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