21 September 2010


I was reading a blog by an Asheville artist the other day, and she quoted someone that her friend had overheard at the Big Crafty (a bi-annual "indie" craft sale here). Here's the quote:

"Mustaches are the new owl."

If you've ever been to an "indie" craft fair, this makes perfect sense, since mustaches (and owls) abound on much of the art. So do bizarre representations of strange real and non-existent animals. Also, if you've ever been into the basement studio that Beth and I share, this quote would seem even more wonderful, since down there, mustaches and owls abound gloriously. Come to think of it, so do strange animals (the SEXTAPUS, for example, an animal that I invented -- a 6-armed cephalapod that survives solely on....mustaches!).

Funny to ride a trend without even knowing that you're riding it. Not sure if that's good or bad, but certainly funny.

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