09 December 2010

Vacation Approaches

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Coming to the end of the semester finally. Perhaps with this break will come the opportunity to do the following things:

1. Breathe
2. Relax
3. Unicycle (weather permitting)
4. Make pots
5. See my wife and other family
6. Tell you, dear reader, about some of the exciting things that I have been up to.

Regarding no. 6, such things might include discussing in detail the following activities that I have managed to fit in between working so many jobs:

1. Beer brewing
2. Mead making
3. Kim chee making
4. Motorcyling (off-road included!)
5. Unicycling on my new, much bigger (29" wheel) unicycle.
6. Attempting a winter garden structure.
7. Reading
8. Making and selling pottery.

So, here is to hoping that with this break and a spring semester of much easier schedule, there is time to tell of much of these exciting endeavors. Stay tuned.

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