17 February 2011


I have just moved my batch of banana wine and carrot wine to their next home--glass bottles with airlocks. They had been living for nearly two weeks in food grade plastic buckets covered with a kitchen towel.

I was stirring them nearly daily, and it has been incredible to watch them bubble and foam. Also quite interesting was noticing how different their odor has become.

I tasted them at this point, and what do you know? They taste sweet, alcoholic, and actually pretty good.

I now will leave them several months at this anaerobic stage -- the airlock lets carbon dioxide out, but no oxygen in -- until they have finished fermenting. At that point they will be ready for bottling.

(Note from 2/18: I just looked at the post, and noticed that the crappy picture I've put up makes it look like I can't spell "carrot". I just wanted to make it known that the word is spelled correctly, but the mediocre picture quality and the Chinese knock-off Sharpie have conspired to make it appear to say "carret" or "arret". It doesn't)

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