07 February 2011

Super Bowl Disaster

I am not a big football fan, but I do like hot wings, funny commercials, beer, and friends, and so I sometimes watch the Super Bowl. Actually, to be quite honest, I sometimes sit in a room in which the Super Bowl is playing and eat wings, drink beer, and talk.

Last night was no different from the above descriptions, except that I also, along with friends and family, played with the four kittens that are living at my friend's house. Laser pointers, let me say, are amazing, and I am constantly amazed at how high little kittens can jump. Spectacular.

Last night, I did tear my eyes away from my plate and the kittens for long enough to watch the half-time show. My response, which is probably already written in many other fora and will be written many more times, is as follows:

What a load of noxious swill perpetrated by a group of silly-ass clowns. What a bunch of off-key, off-kilter, recycled, random blather and nonsense. What a totally lame version of a Guns-n-Roses classic. What a cheesy use of Slash and Usher. What a bunch of dumb songs. What terrible sound quality. What junk.

Also, from the few commercials I paid attention to, they rather sucked as well. Good thing the wings were good.


  1. Anonymous3:29 AM

    I, for one, am not so much offended as I am surprised. Surely, you remember how you once, when informed via public address, agreed that it would, in fact, be a "good, good night." I seem to recall this song in particular eliciting a rather jersey-esque response rife with fist pump, or so the story goes. Perhaps the black eyed peas do not translate? You'd think with such a diverse lineup they'd cross culture lines much more easily.

    Well, perhaps next time wil., fergie, the native American and the other guy will consider your European attachments before performing. I sure hope so.

  2. who is this?