08 March 2011

Mardi Gras

Some great photos from Joshua James Photography from Sunday's "Mardi Gras Show".  I kept calling it our "Dimanche Gras" show, but nobody seemed to really get the joke.  If they did, they didn't like the joke.

(Note: Mardi means Tuesday, because it happens on a Tuesday.  Dimanche means Sunday). 

We have been playing lots lately, and all sorts of great venues and events seem to keep coming our way.  Saturday night we played at Jack of the Wood (a popular brew pub here in Asheville), and had something like 270 people pay to come see us! Seems like this may have been one of their biggest nights ever (with a cover charge at least) from what they told us.

The Mardi Gras show was a blast, with all sorts of Asheville freaks in great display.  Costumes abounded, as did a general sense of counterculture and vibrancy. 

This upcoming Sunday, we'll be playing at "Avenue M" (the former Usual Suspects, in Asheville) at a JCC benefit show.  Come on out if you are local, it should be a great time!

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