18 May 2011

Absences Again

As usual, I'm so busy doing stuff that I'm having a hard time keeping up with my narration of my deeds.

On the horizon, post-wise:

1. Garden Recap and Photos: The garden this year is one of my proudest achievements to date. It looks great, it seems to be growing well (though the recent cold has probably slightly stunted growth), and it is much larger than last year.

2. Fermentation Adventures: Garden Kimchi, made with radish greens, turnip greens, radishes, and bok choy (the only main ingredient not from my garden). Recipe and photos to follow soon. Also, mead and various beers.

3. Motorcyle Adventures: Off-Road, Back-Country, Camping. Photos to follow soon.

4. New Job. I no longer teach. I now sell guitars, which is weird and so far, quite cool.

5. Baby on the horizon. September. Photos to follow in September.

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