11 November 2007

Asheville Art Scene

Asheville is all up in arts this weekend, and the streets are lively with those enjoying the Asheville Film Festival and the Studio Stroll.

The Studio Stroll, which I mentioned in yesterday's post, was a fun place to be and a great place to play. Jamie and I climbed up on to a stage in the Flood Studio and played for hours for all those who came strolling through. The stage was amazing--about ten feet up in the year, in the corner of the studio--and we suprised everyone who entered the room. Our music had apparently carried through much of the cavernous building, so people would peek around every corner, expecting to finally see the source of the sound. When they ultimately entered our room, they'd peek around the corner, looking confused, and then look up, and ahhh...the mystery was finally solved.

Today I'm planning on heading downtown to capitalize on the crowds of movie watchers at the film festival. I'm hopefully get to play in my favorite busking spot, which is quite close to the participating theaters and should see a lot of foot traffic.

And that's all for today--More soon, from Asheville, Western North Carolina, art capital of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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