10 November 2007

Weekend in Asheville

Well, this weekend looks to be somewhat quiet here In Asheville, though I guess there is still tonight and tomorrow, and anything could happen. sirius.B played a show on Thursday at Hannah Flanagan's, a bar here in town, and I'm still quite beat from the late night and the red wine.

This afternoon I'll be playing with Jamie, the bassist for the band, down at the Studio Stroll., which is a bi-annual event in which local artists open up their studios to anyone who wants to check out their work. We'll be down there for quite a while, in what I guess will be basically some organized busking.

Besides all of this, nothing much else going on here. We took a bunch of photos of the band the other night, or rather, Julie (of J-Bird Photography) took pictures of us. She looked really cool taking the pictures (all down on one knee, throwing out orders and whatnot), and if we look 1/2 as cool in the pictures as she looked while taking them, then I'll be happy. I'll put them up here as soon as they're ready.

More soon.

Oh, and if you're bored, go check out Bent Objects, a really great site filled with some hilarious little sculptures. Make sure to click on the link to check out "Really Bent", scupltures for "mature" audiences.

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