24 November 2007

Tattoos and Turkeys

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Black Friday too.

I had the pleasure this year of celebrating the day with family, friends, and Ellen. We all repaired to Ellen's house, where we roasted one turkey and deep fried another. Everybody who attended brought along a special dish to throw into the mix. I brought collard greens and brussel sprouts, both cooked in a southern fashion (lots of bacon fat, some salt, a dash of sugar in the sprouts). My mom cooked a delicious sweet potato casserole (lots of butter, brown sugar, walnuts). The meal was filled with similarly healthy options.

Lots of wine and beer brought us through the day, eventually leaving us sitting in the living room, full and content, playing songs and singing until the wee hours of the night. Guitars were unveiled, percussive instruments were improvised, and throats opened up to release torrents of sound.

And then, on the day following Thanksgiving (Friday, yesterday), after a delicious Indian feast at Mela, a restaurant here in town, my brother and I were inspired, in a moment of spontaneous genius, to visit the tattoo shop next to the restaurant. There, within the confines of Liquid Dragon Tattoo (some name, huh?), we once again defiled the no longer pristine vessels of our souls.

That's two in a week. I think perhaps that I'll slow down for a while now.

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