24 November 2007

Wars of the Future*

Here's an excerpt from the article "Outsourcing War", published by the Brookings Institution.
Nowhere has the role of PMFs [private military firms] been more integral—and more controversial—than in Iraq. Not only is Iraq now the site of the single largest U.S. military commitment in more than a decade; it is also the marketplace for the largest deployment of PMFs and personnel ever. More than 60 firms currently employ more than 20,000 private personnel there to carry out military functions (these figures do not include the thousands more that provide nonmilitary reconstruction and oil services)—roughly the same number as are provided by all of the United States' coalition partners combined. President George W. Bush's "coalition of the willing" might thus be more aptly described as the "coalition of the billing."

And here are some of the jobs listed on the Asheville Craigslist for Saturday, November 24th:

(*By the time that I had posted this blog, nearly all of the jobs listed below had been "flagged for removal" by Craigslist.)

Mechanic Engineer Equipment (IRAQ) - skilled trades/artisan

Communications (COMM/EL) Technician (IRAQ) - skilled trades/artisan

Generator Mechanic (IRAQ) - skilled trades/artisan

SARSS Operator (IRAQ) - skilled trades/artisan

Welder (IRAQ) - skilled trades/artisan

Computer Repairer (IRAQ) - skilled trades/artisan

Power Generator Technician (PGAP) (IRAQ) - skilled trades/artisan

Track Vehicle Mechanic (Skill types: M2/M3/M113/AAVP7) (IRAQ) - skilled trades/artisan

Tank Turret Mechanic (IRAQ) - skilled trades/artisan

Mechanic Wheel Vehicle (IRAQ) - skilled trades/artisan

MIMMS Operator (IRAQ) - skilled trades/artisan

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