04 December 2007

Me x 3

Here's an interesting photo of me from this summer. Note that I am the attacker, the victim, and the innocent (and obviously scared and confused) observer.

(photo by Eirene O'Connor, 2007)


  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    at this time an anonymous observer would like to point out that she also took neat pictures of this selfsame subject, on his own camera, being head-shaved and then reflected at the Alhambra, and she dreamt of the latter quite recently, but they have thusfar been forgotten about, ignored, or deleted into the realm of cyber space. not to try to detract from the awesome qualities of this photo, because it is quite awesome.

  2. eirene2:16 PM

    yay! my work is being recognized!!
    and lily, stop being bitter. ;-)