05 February 2008


Go check out the latest post on www.njhipster.blogspot.com. My brother Brian has been reviewed.

See his MySpace Page here.

In other music news, my brother PJ is now playing guitar with the band Charlotte Sometimes.

In wholly other news, I'm currently enjoying a delicious Lox Bagel for $4.50 at the Clingman Avenue Cafe in Asheville. Quite an improvement from the $11 Lox Platter at Livingston Bagel, my hometown bagel shop. Speaking of which....

When Brian (of mention above) and I visited Livingston Bagel over the Christmas holiday, we asked about the price of the mentioned Lox Platter. When we were informed of the extravagant amount of money being asked, Brian responded eloquently, asking, "Are you f#$*ing kidding me? That's f$%&ing ridiculous!"

Quite nice. Well said.

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